The Pharm.NYC

Dating back 10,000 years, plants have been the genesis of most healing products, addressing the needs of both mind and body.

Classic pharmaceutical products are chemical reproductions of plants or herbal remedies. We create our products from plants grown organically in the best soil under careful supervision.


Our ongoing mission is to significantly improve the lives of our Pharm.NYC community. For some, that means addressing conditions such as restlessness, joint issues, mobility, or recovery. For others, it simply means plant-based solutions designed to help create a sense of calm and balance otherwise referred to as homeostasis.


Pharm.NYC began as the vision of Sean Robinson. He lost his mom to a prescription drug overdose when he was two years old. As he got older he entered the military and saw many of his “brothers and sisters in arms” suffering from a number of conditions, ranging from traumatic pain-related wounds to anxiety, depression, and PTSD, which unfortunately continues to haunt many of our military members.

When Sean left the military, he committed to his mission of bringing organic plant-based solutions to address many of the challenges his mom and military brothers and sisters faced. He founded Pharm.NYC to further this mission and bring plant-based products and education to communities that need them the most.


Pharm.NYC oversees the growth and manufacture of our products. This includes selecting seeds, cultivating, growing, harvesting, processing, and manufacturing.

Our cannabis is planted from seeds in the high meadows of Vermont overlooking the Green Mountains at Hubbard Farms, a small family-owned farm.

We hand-select and harvest premium buds, which are cured for months in a climate-controlled space, for our whole-flower smokable products.

The rest of the CBD plant is harvested and cured at the farm through November. Then Pharm.NYC sends the CBD flower to our licensed processors in New York using state-of-the-art extraction equipment while meeting our small-batch requirements.