PHARM.NYC pain relief salve works wonders! Ever since I started using it, the pain in my wrist has reduced tremendously, I can’t believe it! I recommend this to everyone.

Sarah Rubin

Beyond knowledgeable about the products from seed to growth to harvest. Very passionate about their product, and understandably so. Solid solid brand and product.


Always great stuff!


These really calm me down

Mana H

Great products and service, grown and provided with true care. The best around!

Matt S

Really great! Good price point, excellent packaging , easy to order, and overall excellent experience. Products are top tier.

Nico M

Everything was great!

Devon J

Highest quality and Freshest CBD I’ve ever had. Organically grown, outdoor which is my favorite. Most vibrant scents from each strain. The Rick Simpson oil tincture is my favorite, super potently infused. I feel immediate pain relief and relaxation after taking.


I am recovering after 6 back surgery and my first lumbar L4 L5 spinal fusion. I’m in my last part of physical therapy and then I started having a tremendous amount of pain coming out of my left butt cheek behind both thighs and down the side panels of both calves. Diagnosed with Piriformis muscle syndrome. This pain is so ungodly however this salve with Rick Simpson Oil is beyond amazing. Point blank this ish works! rub this in on the skin wherever your pain is and I’m telling you this save w RSO is AMAZING!!!!

Felicia Stovall

It’s incredible! I am a bi-lateral amputee who uses prosthetics to walk. Many Amputee’s have an issue with skin health from wearing the prosthetics all day. I use the salve nightly and before putting on my prosthetics in the morning to create an ease of use and relieve any tension or stress on my legs! Highly recommend!!

Sam Rossiello
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